“I am The Real Etie Okwe Master” – FaceUp

Couple of months back here at HS, We posted a banging new track byDontom titled Eti Okwe produced by Wizboyy, the first single from his forthcoming Puturama International project. It may interest you to know that someone out there has stepped up to lay claim to the concept of that song.

Ebonyi state born recording artist and performer Emmanuel Nwaguiyi a.k.a FaceUp explained to us his ill will towards DonTom who he feels stole his sound. Face Up claims that he is the one behind the EtiOkwe concept. Already the song is spreading and many people believe it is DonTom that came up with the flow.

FaceUp explains: “Dontom recorded most of his works at 3:16 studio in Onitsha, where my producer Aicue works at times, and they both know each other well. I recorded this song last year and I’ve been performing it in almost all the shows I attend though the song was not on radio as at that time, I planned to promote it later on this year. I was not happy when my guys told me they heard one guy sang Eti Okwe and when they checked for the artist’s name it was not mine.”

FaceUp continued: “It’s crazy because I didn’t expect such an act from an artiste I had love and respect for. I’ve talked to my producer to know what I did to him to deserve this but he’s not saying anything.”

He adds: “Already I’ve started pushing this joint and I believe the world will soon realize who the real Etie Okwe master is.”

You can check out Face Up’s version of Etie Okwe below, tell me what you guys think of it? Who was the originator and does it matter to you?

DOWNLOAD: FaceUp – Eti Okwe


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