WaConzy Interview With NaijaCelebrity (Video)

Waconzy on an Exclusive Interview with Sugar Prince told 101 Tv, NaijaCelebrity[dot]com how he got his name Waconzy,his Life style, Current Award Nominations,and lots more, Watch, Enjoy and get a feel from Diary of a Celebrity.

Peep the written interview below

Sugar Prince :: Right here am @ Waconzy’s Paradise and it way too hot(Beautiful),I feel like am in the sun because this is way too beautiful..so Waco whats happening???

Waconzy :: Am alright man,I don’t call this place a paradise I call it where I chill,cos u see we move From one level to another ,I wish everybody best of luck,you guys just woke me up from sleep, you know ,the nature of our job we work very late,sleep very late & wake up very late you see but am happy you are here with me..

Sugar Prince :: can you please tell us how you got the name Waconzy??

Waconzy :: Waconzy is a blend of 2 English words,Waco & zeeny,its funny which describes my style of music and delivery.

Sugar Prince ::You know listening to your kind of music,how do you getyour inspiration because its really good..

Waconzy ::My Inspirations comes from my Everyday life,things I have been through & people around me.i ‘ve been through ,things people around me have been through and at the end of the day I make it danceable for them,lyrics that they can understand and want to hear, fuse it in a way that they would understand……………

Sugar Prince :: so we are aware that you based in PH right??

Waconzy :: Naah am not, am international,am everywhere,I’ve got a house and office in lagos,house and office in P-H,and am planning to have another house in Abuja too(laughs).

Sugar Prince ::The Album I celebrate,the highest sold Album of the year 2011,so are expecting another album soon or you just chilling..

Waconzy :: you see well there is a saying that goes,when you wan chop something chop am finish(he laughs),so I don’t see a reason bringing out something new(album this year) but from time to time am gonna give my fans singles(new songs).I just dropped one song “Hallelujah” and before hallelujah I dropped the song “no need”, no need is a song addressing the book haram issue,same way I advising my fellow artiste to do somethingfull, so the next song I dropped which is the current song”Halleluyah” ,am actually thanking God for my present situation you know,from wayon wayon(little by little) to big big..I thank God for my humble bigging because we artiste we are normal human being,we have our own challenges and wicks,we just have to thank God ,as for me if that’s just what am going to be doing, am okay..

Sugar Prince :: A thousand and one Awards,the one we have right here,thousand of others which maybe you did not attend,So are their any nominations right now?

Waconzy :: yeah we looking forward to more awards,last year I won ariste of the year,best song of the year @ ODUDU AWARDS,and am currently nominated for song of the year and video of the year @ the NDAA AWARDS(NIGER DELTA ADVANCEMENT AWARDS),CITY PEOPLE AWARDS..ETC.

Sugar Prince ::Can you just give your fans watching|listening|reading right now your codes for theNDAA AWARD??

Waconzy :: Well they are @ your website but I don’t really mind, lemme check ma phone,y’all should please get the codes @ NaijaCelebrity.com,please do a favour ,vote for me everyday so that your super man,(explains)not superman anymore but now ABBOBY(giggles)which means personal person.Its actually a P-H thing,we represent where we from,

Sugar Prince ::we are aware of the singles ,Hallelujah,no need ,so what more are we expecting …

Waconzy :: currently I’ve done a song featuring Banky W and next one would be 2face,Faze and m.I,am planning you know so everything is in place,my international tour is starting coming up very soon,from Europe,Austria four states after which 11,12 more countries but its start when am through with Naija.

Sugar Prince ::can you just give a brief about everything about you,your hairstyle,your lifestyle,everything about Waco..Tell us,who is Waco?

Waconzy ::Waco is Waco,(giggles)wellwhen I started,I had done double lining but I had to disregard them because this barbers and stylist keep pushing my hair barkward,which am not impressed with,as for my dreads,I wanted to look special,unique,as for tattoo’s,I don’t plan on having any.

Sugar Prince ::so before we pop out can you please give us a little of your free style,..

Waconzy ::LL(watch video for exclusive freestyle)he freesyles iworiwo and Hallelujah..

Waconzy::(signs off) so am about to start my day now,you go to your house .while i go out you know(lols)

Sugar Prince ::till your ever sweet Sugar prince rep’n , 101Tv ,NaijaCelebrity.com


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