ROM EVENTS: RAP BATTLE::::Season 4 Prizes

P. E Media & 2 Kicks Entertainment presents “RAP BATTLE IV”.If you’re an up & coming Rapper  or you know someone who can put it down like no other, then this could be yours or their chance to shine and take home awesome prizes. Forms are now available at the following locations in amassoma.

1. Cybertouch Studios
2. Effects Bar
3. Moonlight Cafe
for a meager fee of #1500.

Call any of the following numbers for details and enquiries.
Pressy- 07063265062
2 Kicks- 07067909025.

judgement day…

1st Place
*Rap King Award
*Branded Rap King Polo
*Exclusive interview on Royal FM
*1 Full Length Mix Tape Recording at 2 kicks Studio
*Promo from DJ X & DJ Lecturer (Royal Fm 95.5)
*$150 Cash Prize
*Online Promo from DJ  PereWeezy
*Interview with Rake One TV
*Recording Deal with P.E Media

2nd Place
*Exclusive Interview on Royal FM
*Interview with Rake One TV
*Online promo from Rake One music
*1 Full Length Mix Tape  recording at Heroes studios

3rd Place
*Interview with Rake One TV
*Interview on Royal FM
*1 Full length Mix Tape Recording at Heroes studios

Forms are available at Cyber Touch Studios, Moonlight Cafe and Effects Bar at #1500 only.

Rap Battle IV
judgement day…


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