DANCE VIDEO: Tryumphant X – Gbagam (@Tryumphantx @Timayatimaya)


Tryumphant Xcellerz is a choreographic group made up of the likes of talented lads with great and unquenchable passion for dance & entertainment in general. The group was firstly founded by the leader named “BLANKSON UGELE” AKA BOBBY BLANKSON in the year 2010.
They were formerly known as the “EXCELLERZ” meaning superiors (derived from the word excel) which was later changed to “THE TRIUMPHANTS” (Victorious). In the year 2011 Bobby (the leader) and his family won the first price in the popular Nigeria family reality TV show known as “THE MALTINA DANCE ALL COMPETITION).

Later that same year he came inline with some of his male & female old dancers friends (Kingsley, Love Divine & Juliana) whom are also good at what they are known for.

Ever since then, they all kicked up their game in aspect of pushing up their dancing platform to the sky level.

Recently, they succeeded in showcasing a little piece of their making by fixing some crazy moves on TIMAYA’s raving hit titled “GBAGAM” which happens to be the number 5th track of his latest album “EPIPHANY”.

Below are the complete visual contents.

For further details, kindly connect with them via the following contacts details provided herein


Do well to download, watch and share across.


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